Your Own, Personal Base Station: Femtocell

Your Own, Personal Base Station: Femtocell

Mobile devices are now in our lives more than they have ever been in the past. In today’s world, approximately 72% of the world’s population, which is over 5 billion people, owns a mobile phone. The development of mobile devices and their numbers are breath taking. However, we still have the problem of “coverage” area. “Sorry I guess, I didn’t have any reception.” still holds a valid ground in some parts of the world.

If we take a look back and remember, how the quality was once this mobile craze started while back in 1990s. It was a pain to talk on a mobile phone for the following reasons; firstly they were not this small and furthermore if you walk around or travel in a car and use your mobile phone it was really high likely that the call would be dropped. Wireless carriers have been working on this issue of coverage for years now and they are somewhat improving. However, the rate of improvement in “good” coverage areas is  nothing compared to todays “mobile race.”

Now, wireless carriers must have thought that it was time for their customers to give a hand on this issue and they are coming out with a new base station type: Femtocell. Femtocell is more of a wireless router than your generic unpleasant looking base stations in the city which no one is happy to see around. Femtocell uses the internet backbone in a really efficient way in the sense of mobile communication. It is a base station device literally looking like your wireless router, which is hooked up to your broadband internet connection. Using a Femtocell transceiver, you can provide a really good reception in your house. It has been stated that Femtocell covers around an area of a circle with a radius of approximately 12 meters (40 feet). This is an area of approximately 452 meter square (4865 Square Foot). It is more than enough for most of the modern houses and provides an excellent 3G coverage in that area.

Looking at the tablet take over in portable computer world and rapid increase in number of smartphones, one can assume soon enough you might not need a regular wireless modem, as you will have a Femtocell device in your house for your 3G-4G devices. The reason is that demand in data connection is now increasing faster and faster compared to traditional phone calls. As the reception level will be high, portable devices in the area will also have longer battery lives.

What’s in there for the customers? Or the wireless carriers have found a new way to make more money over their customers? Well, Femtocell is good and efficient for both sides of the table. This year we see that, wireless carriers are announcing their Femtocell roll outs and advertising data and calling plans only for Femtocell users. They have flat rates of unlimited nationwide calls for Femtocell stations. This is a really good deal at a really reasonable price for small businesses who need to make calls from their offices all year long. Looking at the wireless carrier side, only thing they need to provide is that a stable internet backbone and the rest will be taken care by the customers. No need to maintain the base stations or pay for their utilities and taxes. So I think that,in near future we will see more and more wireless network operators announcing their Femtocell service, so that they can cut on their spending budget for traditional base stations and increase their profits.

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