New Windows Phone is Here

New Windows Phone is Here

We all watched Apple and Samsung going at each other in court in past few months. The court resulted bad for Samsung, as the jury found Samsung guilty of patent infringement and entitled Apple to a compensation of billion dollars. I think things start to change for Android systems that day. Even though the patent case was between the smartphone manufacturers, I believe that this case will provide a solid ground for Apple’s future possible fillings against Google for the Android operating system. But, what does that all mean, why is this significant? I think that this result will drastically effect the decision makers in the IT departments of corporations. The foundation of Android is on the bull’s eye for Apple and I’m sure every IT manager in the industry is try to put a distance between them and Android devices for now.

Now, if we come back to my post’s title again, we watched Microsoft introduce its new mobile operating system which comes with exciting features which enables the phone to be more and more integrated with the Microsoft Windows operating system. With Android handset manufacturers being under attack from Apple and RIM’s Blackberry struggling with weak sales, I think this is the time that we will see the increasing market share of Windows Phone 8. This is the one shot that Microsoft can aim both its end users and enterprise customers with its new platform. It’s new slick Metro UI is integrated in the desktop version of Windows 8 and provides a familiar environment for the user on the smartphone as well. Taking into account that, PC industry is dominated by Windows operating system, with the right marketing strategy, Windows 8 phone can disturb the smartphone market.

If you haven’t seen already, you can take a look at Windows Phone’s official website. I’m really excited and feeling optimistic about the new release of Windows Phone. I think the time that Redmond has been waiting for has come and we will be seeing the rise of Windows Phone platform with its integration to the PC and the Xbox platform.

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