Network Providers Might Team Up for Upcoming 4G Technology

Network Providers Might Team Up for Upcoming 4G Technology

Nowadays you can almost do anything using your mobile phone through the internet. Anybody remember how “wap” era was with the internet experience? If you remember that you can see that we had came a long way to today’s habits of mobile internet. 3G services are now at a price now where you can consider even replacing your home DSL or Cable subscription and switching it to 3G services. If that were to become a common choice among the end-users I won’t be surprised to see network providers offering new plans where you can share the data usage with your home network and mobile phone in anywhere you want.

However, all those assumptions are based on a ‘perfect’ world where all the theory of 3G put in practice. However, for today’s world that does not seem really likely. In my opinion, the reason is that we can not actually use 3G at everywhere around the globe. Cities are somewhat okay with the network coverage but rural areas are in a mess for this technology. The reason is that in most countries network providers tried to set up their network like they did in 2G, by themselves alone. The problem about 3G is that you need to use up to 5 base transceiver station where you used only 1 BTS with 2G. That fact increased the deployment cost greatly for network companies so that the service that they provide is highly location dependable.

How to overcome this problem? Is it impossible or is there a way for us to fully have the benefits of new technologies at a high network coverage? The answer is Yes. However, this solution that I will talk about in a bit needs the network providers to change their attitude towards building up network. My suggestion is that they need to team up for 4G’s network deployment in order to provide a better service at full capacity. That way, the deployment cost of the new network will decrease incredibly and the network coverage will be provided in all the areas. Sweden is a good example for this solution. As for 3G deployment, the network operators teamed up which result in one team focusing on cities and the others focused on rural areas. I think this solution will be beneficial for both sides of mobile networks. Customers will be happy with their fully working services and operators will be happy with low costs. Overall, it is a win-win deal.

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