Mobile Devices Sales Around the Globe

Mobile Devices Sales Around the Globe

Mobile phone vendors continue their journey to sell phones to everyone around the Globe and it seems like they are making great progress. Gartner, Inc. released their second quarter report for their mobile phone market for the year 2010. Mobile phone companies sold 325 million mobile devices in the first two quarters of 2010. It looks like Nokia once again tops the list with 111.4 million units sold in the first two quarters of 2010. Following Nokia, Samsung sold 65 million mobile devices. In the third spot, based on units sold, LG follows with 29.3 million units sold.

The smartphone is a common trend at the moment. The sales numbers increased 50.3% compared to the second quarter of 2010.  Nowadays, smartphones are gaining strength and out of  the overall sold mobile devices, 19% of those are smartphones. I think it is logical to expect this trend to continue as we see many wireless network operators offer a lot of new deals with smartphone packages. I think we will see smartphone share at least 40-45% of the market by next year.

Research in Motion’s sales numbers reached 11 million for this year, granting the company with the fourth biggest sales number in the market.  Up until this year, Research in Motion chose not to implement touchscreens with their mobile devices, however they now have their new product, Torch, that has a touchscreen.  As companies’ clients come from business companies, I don’t think their new phone will be an attraction point like for regular customers.

Apple Inc. has sold 8 million devices this year so far. Apple’s sales numbers might look small compared to the whole market, but we shouldn’t forget that Apple appeals mainly to upper class customers that buy the IPhone series products. Apple holds the 14.2% of the smartphone market making Apple the third largest smartphone provider in the world. I don’t think Apple would ever get the first spot in the market as they target the market by using their brand name. Their design failure in IPhone 4 might wake up the Apple engineers and remind them that a case is not a very wise cover up for a big reception problem.

This year’s sales list has shown us that there is a new player in the global mobile market: HTC. The Taiwanese company with its huge market capital of 503 billion dollars is becoming a global player with their Android OS powered phones. They increased their sales by 139% compared to last year’s first two quarters. Their innovative approach will take them far beyond this year’s number 8 position in sales. The company already started to sell the markets first 4G phone with a Sprint contract. I think that soon they will be able to shake the top three manufacturers from their seats.

Overall, I think Nokia will start to struggle with its confident position now as their phones lack the compatibility with other mobile phone operating systems along with their lack of new applications when compared to the other players in the market. I think that soon we will see an HTC domination in the market following the boom of the Android phones.

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