Clash of the Mobile Operating Systems

Clash of the Mobile Operating Systems

Now we see the clash of two new born mobile operating system titans, Android and iOS all over the internet. There are a good bunch of compression videos over “” testing their boot up speed, internet browser capabilities. However, the real giant remains silent as he continues to rule the mobile operating system market, Nokia’s Symbian. Before getting into the detail, it would be useful the take a look at Gartner Inc.’s data on mobile operating systems market:

Gartner's Statistics
Gartner’s Statistics

This statistics provide us with a different aspect of the software world. It is not only that Android is so popular for users, it is because phone manufacturers took their stand with Google Inc.’s Android. This is an encouraging news for the open-software side of the programming world. This possible reign of Android shows the sector open source softwares can in fact be used by the masses and be popular. Now we need to wait and see when computer manufactures will start to create more bundles with Unix based open source operating systems.

Going back to the mobile operating systems. I totally agree with Gartner’s expectations on Android’s future. Looking at its development right now and also the promising Android Market, the OS will surely be dominating the smartphone market in the near future. As of to the question, who will have the second biggest slice from the market, I think Nokia will make a stand and win the battle over Research in Motion as the company’s history and reliability in Europe is really high. However, I also think that we might see some action by Nokia in North American market. Today’s world, that market is a must for the companies who play to the top and Nokia’s current reputation in the States is not more than cheap pay-as-you-go phones.

Mobile OS Chart for 2010
Mobile OS Chart for 2010

Overall, it will not be wrong to say, finally open source software is getting the attention it deserves, even though it is just for mobile operating systems. Still it is a hope for a new possible era in software world. It will be interesting to take a look at the statistics next year to see how the smartphone market is growing as a boom is expected in near future.

2 thoughts on “Clash of the Mobile Operating Systems

  1. odt

    bu yaziyi sozlukte bulabildigin her yerde linklemissin; fakat apple iphone’un Q3 satis rakamlarini bugun-yarin yayinlar. tahminler min 12 milyon i4 diyor -barindirdigi ‘anten problemi’ne ragmen :)-, o zaman bu analizini tekrar degerlendirmeni de gormek isteriz. bir de su androidin open source olmasi meselesiyle ilgili suraya bakabilirsin:

    1. Egemen Gozoglu Post author


      Ilgin icin tesekkur ederim. Sozluk’un bilgi kaynakligina biraz da ben destek vereyim diye dusundum 🙂 . Su an benim takip ettigim yerlerde elime gecen bir bilgi olmadi ama Iphone’un satis rakamlarini inceleyip tekrar goz atmak ilginc olabilir. Sonuc olarak Apple yarattigi marka degeriyle beraber buyuk bir takipci kitlesi de yaratmis bulunmakta. Gosterdigin kaynagada goz atacagim. Yorumun icin tekrar tesekkur ederim.


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