A Look Into the Third Quarter 2010 Results of Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales

A Look Into the Third Quarter 2010 Results of Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales

The year of 2010 continues to be a good year for mobile phone sales as the sales in this quarter hit 417 million units. To compare this number and growth in the market we can take third quarter of 2009, which the market had 309 million sold units. Looking at these two numbers, we can say that there has been an increase of 35%. What is more impressive is the non-slowing rise of smartphones. The number of smartphone units sold creates the 19.3% of the overall sold mobile units for the quarter of 2010.

This boost in smartphone sales is fueled by the Apple’s IPhone and Google’s impressive mobile operating system, Android. This rise of Apple, took RIM out from its 2nd position in smartphone market and made iOS the second operating system in smartphone market just behind Android. However, Android made an even more impressive sales as the OS placed as the World’s most used mobile operating system in whole mobile phones right after Nokia’s long lasting number 1, Symbian.

We also observe more effective white-box manufactures sales in this quarter. In overall they increased their number of sales by approximately 88 million units and reaching a number of total 137.8 million units in total for the third quarter of 2010. This increase is due to the fact that there is still a strong demand for non-3G cheap phones in emerging markets such as China, Russia, Africa and Latin America as well as India. This demand is strong enough that it will be wise to assume that we will see more effective white-box manufactures in upcoming quarters.


Android Logo

Android Logo

When we take a deeper look into the manufacturers who made into the Top 5 this quarter based on the number of sales they achieved we still see the 3 solid players remaining at the top listed as starting from number 1; Nokia, Samsung and LG. Apple took the 4th place as they took over RIM this quarter. Nokia reported to sold 110.4 million units in this time frame which is slightly under the predicted number. The reason for that is stated by Gartner as there was a shortage of cheap components for low end line of the company. However, the increasing demand in smartphone market helped Nokia to settle on a better profit due to the increased number of sold smartphones.

In this quarter, I think Samsung owes a lot to Google due to the successful operating system, Android. The company reached a number of 71.7 million sold mobile devices for this time frame. They have sold 6.6 millions of Android devices which made them the number one Android seller in the world. The company also reached 1.1 million in its own operating system, bada. Samsung plays aggressively with its smartphone line that uses Android OS, so that we can see more of that same family of hand held devices.

Apple Inc. sold approximately 13.5 million units which a little bit lower than my prediction which was about 15 million units for this quarter. However, this is due to the company’s strategy on production which based on high demand. We saw people waiting for 1 to 3 weeks for getting their IPhone 4. Their high profit phone, also helped company to become the second largest company in the world based on market capital. RIM sold 11.9 million of smartphones this quarter which brought the fact that they lost the race to Apple for now in the market. It looks like they will have a rough future in front of them as now enterprises start offering IPhone 4 as company phones. We will see if there will be a new line of products from RIM which they desperately need after the failed instance of Blackberry Torch.

This results that we saw was some what predicted and not so impressive. However, I would like to point out a really important issue ,which I personally think, that will shape the future of hand held devices. I am talking about the mobile tablets such as Apple’s Ipad. We already now that some companies started to offer them instead of notebooks. We will not see a 100% increase in mobile phone market but it is high likely that there will be a boom in mobile tablet market as it remains unconquered for the time being. Despite the fact that Google declared its Android OS is not suitable for mobile tablets it is known that some manufacturers developing mobile tablets on that platform and I also think that we will be seeing a tablet version of Android not too far from this date. It is also know that RIM is continue its crusade against Apple in this market with its upcoming Blackberry Playbook. I think that mobile tablet devices can be good examples of cloud computing in coming future which will give them a more solid ground as a market racing with notebooks.

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