Apple Inc. 2010 Quarter 4: A breath Taking Financial Report

Apple Inc. 2010 Quarter 4: A breath Taking Financial Report

Industry giant from Cupertino, Apple Inc., has just announced their financial report regarding to this year of 2010’s Quarter 4. The market has been enthusiastically waiting to hear the good news as the company’s shares in the market has been sky rocketed in the past weeks reaching a 48% growth per share compared to the beginning of this year.

Apple Inc. proudly announced their breath taking financial records. Company declared their revenue according to this quarter as a record for themselves, $20.34 billion. This is a great contribution to company’s current financial stance on the market. In one of my early articles, I was conservative to say it would be a good idea to start selling shares if Apple hits $300 on NASDAQ, but now looking at the data released, I think we need to analyze the company again. Apple Inc. also posted their net quarterly profit as $4.31 billion which is equal to $4.64 per diluted share. To compare company’s growth from last years Quarter 4, Apple Inc. announced their net quarterly profit as $2.53 billion which was equal to $2.77 per diluted share. This is an unbelievable market attack by Apple, which I don’t think anyone would believe if this much of growth has been announced as a prediction last year. Apple also announced their international sales accounted for 57% of the total income. I think their policy to keep the prices up in European market has paid off with the help of company’s trend and high end brand name.

To give more detailed data on the units of products sold, it will be a good idea to start from Apple’s long lived computer branch, Mac computers. They have sold 3.89 million units this quarter recording 27% increase over 2009’s Q4. I think their tactic to start selling 13” Macbook Pro’s starting at $1199 helped this increase. This move enabled them to also reach the middle end users of the notebook market. It might be interesting to see the next quarter’s results as there is a big possibility announcement of new Macbook Air in 2 days at Apple’s Conference. As the last update on that device was around a year ago, it might contribute a nice amount of sale this next quarter with the help of holiday season.

As for the flag ship of Apple Inc. in terms of unit sales, IPhone, with a crazy popularity reached an impressive number unit sales this quarter. It has been announced as in Quarter 4 of 2010, Apple sold 14.1 million IPhones. This is really significant for showing the customer royalty to Apple as there has been some controversy regarding to smartphone’s antenna problem. Apple’s great marketing capability and highly trending brand name totally under-covered any possible cons of the product and helped Apple to beat RIM’s Quarter 4 sale of 12.1 million phone units. Now Apple is in a place of taking over the phone market from RIM and with RIM’s failure to bring their “A” game this year it looks like they are going to have a lot of trouble from now on. Also with the sale of IPhones, now Apple took the 3rd place in terms of mobile operating systems in the market. This momentum in company’s iOS is highly supported with their massive application store and it is going to be interesting to see the competition between the new born Android applications market and App Store in near future if Android can pick up more pace in terms of new applications.

On a final note, I would also like to talk about Apple’s IPad. Relatively new to the market, this hand held device brought a big dog fight to the mobile devices market for sure. Apple announced their quarter sale as 4.19 million units. I think as time goes by more and more enterprises will start to take advantage of this new device and I am expecting to see an increasing graphic in up coming financial quarters.

To sum up, it seems like Apple’s renaissance hit up its gold ages this year and brought company to one of the most important position in the technology market. Now, Apple has the market capital and marketing power to manipulate the trends. I think it will take a long time for another giant player to face them. Today I can say, we have a monopole on setting trends for technological devices and Apple is the player all behind this process.

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